More about R2

Students hate job-boards

If you want to find the best grads, you’ve got to look elsewhere. That’s where we excel.
Founded by very fresh graduates in 2010, we’ve always tried to find candidates through REFERRALS. To date, we’ve paid a £300 referral fee for 65% of our placements. Of those placements, more than half of the referrals have come from people we’ve already found jobs for. That means that before we’ve even spoken to the referred candidate, we know a little bit more about them than all the other recruitment companies. Job-Boards don’t tell you what coffee someone likes or what their favourite film is!


The vetting process

This is where it all starts to happen…
We’ve got all the names, numbers and emails. Now we need to pick the best candidates for you.


1.We’ll assess their CV (and portfolio, if necessary)
2.We then conduct a telephone interview and assess their credentials for the role. Our vetting process is extremely stringent and allows us to filter out candidates very efficiently.
3.We’ll then meet the candidate for a face to face interview. At this stage, we assess whether or not we feel they will be the right “fit” for our client.



Our Database

We currently have over 24,000 candidates on our books and that figure is growing each day. Only 1 in 3  candidates make it onto our database. We don’t want to become a CV warehouse, instead we prefer to concentrate on attracting the best and most sort after graduates on the market. We feel this really sets us apart from our competitors.


Where else do we find them

Inevitably, it can go a bit quiet. When companies aren’t hiring, and those without jobs go off travelling the world,
we have to get out and about.

We regularly host CV workshops as well as sponsoring a number of university events. These are always great fun and a fantastic way for us to engage with candidates.